The Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers




The Institute is organized with the aim to perform projects related to developing and spreading knowledge and technology on illuminating and electrical facilities, build friendship among members and make a contribution to the promotion of science technology and the development of national science and technology.


  • Individual members: 4-year college, junior college, research institute, KEPCO, industrial engineers, government employees, etc.
  • Special members: Illuminating and electrical facility-related firms & institutes, groups, libraries, archives

Eligibility for Membership

  • Member

    - Anyone who majored in illuminating and electrical facility-related studies in college including graduate student

    - Graduates of related departments in junior colleges with more than two (2) years of work experience in a related sector

    - Those having a significant academic and application career in illuminating and electrical facilities

  • Student members: College students, junior college students and those with equivalent educational backgrounds
  • Life member

Membership Procedure

Enter your profile on the website, and make a payment for the membership fee and annual fee.

Annual Membership Fee (KRW)

Category R. Member Student Member Life Member Subscriber Member Library Special Member
Membership Fee 10,000 5,000 1,050,000 40,000 200,000
  • Small: 1 Million or more
  • Medium: 2 Million or more
  • Large: 3 Million or more
Annual Fee 70,000 20,000

Publication Frequency

  • Journal: 6 times a year (odd-numbered month)
  • Paper: 12 times a year


  • The Journal of the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers
    (for papers, a separate subscription is required)
  • Have an access to the list of members and various technical information
  • May contribute a paper to the journal
  • Permitted to participate and make a presentation in various seminars and forums including special lectures by renowned engineers
  • May participate in the revision of KS standards (Korean Industrial Standards), various specifications and design standards requested by the government
  • An employee of special members may participate in various events such as a general meeting, academic seminar, technical forum and workshop
  • May participate in international events organized by the institute for international exchange and foreign associations with the recommendation of the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers
  • Members with meritorious achievement receive a meritorious award, academic award, paper award, academic seminar award and technology award